The Show

Experience the magic of Alexx Alexxander, and let him show you why he is appointed one of the world´s greatest illusionists.

You will be amazed and seduced by his magical presence. Join an unforgettable journey into Alexx´ world, as he invites you to a night of humour, mystique and spectacular illusions. The border between illusions and reality will seize to exist. This is an experience for life, and Alexx holds nothing back as he now aims to take on the world outside Scandinavia as his future stage. This stage production will take your breath away, and you will witness sensational illusions you didn´t think possible.

In November 2016, Alexx Alexxander received the most prestigous award in magic worldwide, The Merlin Award. He was appointed Best Illusionist 2016 by The International Magician Society.

Alexx gives it his all when he presents undoubtedly the biggest and most expensive illusion show in Norway’s history. He will present brand new illusions made especially for this show and never before seen by man. Before now…

For several years Alexx Alexxander has dazzled and amazed audiences all over Scandinavia with world class illusions and death defying stunts. With over 20 tons of equipment, he has taken the show on the road and performed for sold out arenas. Alexx is the biggest and most famous illusionist in Norway. He has received several awards for presenting magic as great entertainment.

He made the Castle Rock Tower in his hometown disappear on live television, countless girls have been sliced in pieces and he has amazed the celebrity elite in Scandinavia.

Alexx has taken illusions to the next level and showed that this isn’t about rabbits jumping out of hats, but rather motorcycles, buzz saws and burning spears.

In 2018 you can see Alexx and the show when they continues the tour in several new cities in Norway.

See tour schedule here.

The show only plays one night in every city.


Tour Schedule

More venues will soon be released, visit the page again soon for more info.