About Alexx

Alexx Alexxander was born and raised in Tønsberg, Norway´s oldest city. At the age of 5, he received his first magic book from his Grandfather.

After many hours of rehearsing, he was ready to perform with his first official show in front of his family. Family and friends state that there was always something different about Alexx. He liked to do things differently.

First show
At the age of 10, he did his first paid show, and when he was 12 he won a National magic competition. The same year he won the price as Best Allrounder by The Magic Circle of Norway. He brought home the silver medal from the Nordic Championship of Magic in Gladsaxe in Denmark at the age of 14, and that year marked the beginning of something really big. He joinet Norway´s biggest newspaper VG on a National summer tour in 1999, and performed with 60 shows over a periode of three weeks.

From show to business
In autumn of 1999, Alexx produced and performed his first evening show, Magical Moments in Papirhuset Theatre in Tønsberg. The very best dancers in the business joined him, together with Anton the Duck, with pyroeffects and an impresseive technical rig. He performed for a sold out theatre, and the Norwegian newspapers discovered him and wrote about Alexx for the first time. During this periode Alexx established his own event and entertainment company, A Event. When he turned 16 in 2001, he began working as a magician and entertainment full time. By then, he was booked on corporate events for some of Scandinavias largest companies, and also on National tour engagements.

A magical journey
In 2010, Alexx participated in ”Norway´s Got Talent” on TV2 with breathtaking stunts and illusions. He was voted ahead by both the judges and the Norwegian viewers all the way to the finals. Judge Thomas Giertsen said: ”This is the most spectacular act we´ve ever witnesses on this show”. That same autumn, Alexx made the Castle Rock Tower in Tønsberg disappear in front of 300.000 viewers live on national TV. Throughout 2010 he toured Norway from the south to the north with his own production ”A Magical Evening”. He was also awarded the prize ”Magician of The Year, Norway 2010” by The Magic Circle of Norway, for presenting magic as great entertainment.

From the streets to the theatre stage
During the summer of 2011, Alexx launched his own series ”Illusions” on VGTV. He brought the magic out in the streets, and amazed both people passing by as well as Norwegian celebrities. It was a huge success with over 2 million views. This year he also produced the show ”A Night of Illusions”, playing for sold out theatres both in the theatre Klubben in Tønsberg and in Edderkoppen Theatre in Oslo that autum.

Royal magic
In 2012, Alexx performed at The Childrens Peace Prize 15 year anniversary, with Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette Marit present. Alexx spent that summer producing season 2 of ”Illusions” on VGTV. Again, the series was a huge success with a record breaking 4,3 million views. The series was also launched in Sweden´s bigges online newspaper, Aftonbladet that autumn. Swedish celebrities like Camilla Henemark, Babsan and the beauty queen Annika Duckmark joined. In 2013 Alexx was invited to Stockholm to perform for Princess Madeleine and her foundation ”Min stora dag”.

Sold out theatres
The grand production ”Alexx Alexxander Illusions” pre-played in Logen Theatre in Bergen May 3rd. It sold out in 2 weeks! Alexx decided he wanted to do the show in Oslo, but somewhat differently. He wanted to add some new elements. He contacted one of Europe´s leading aerialists and fakirs, Maria Zeniou. Magic combined with acrobatic air performances, dance, flames and pyrotechnics turned out to be a huge success, and the show played for 1,5 years for sold out theatres throughout Norway. In Bergen, it ended with 7 sold out performances!

Magical car launch
In Winter 2014, Alexx was engaged by Renault for the introduction and launching of a new car on the market. The audience with guests from all over the world witnessed in disbelief how the new car appeared from nowhere on an empty stage. This resulted in a national tour together with Renault. After the tour ended, Alexx traveled to Copenhagen to join in ”Master Chef” on TV3, together with several other Norwegian celebrities.

That autumn Alexx introduced ”Alexx Alexxander Magical Christmas Calendar” to the Norwegian market. All stores were sold out and the demand was high from the first edition. A true magical success! Alexx has always felt that it is important to get the magic out to people, and to let children experience the same magical universe that he did when he was a little boy.

The biggest magical show in Norwegian history
In 2015, Alexx returned to the theatre stage, introducing the biggest magical show in the history of Norwegian showbusiness: ”Defying Gravity”. The show premiered in his hometown Tønsberg and was sold out throughout July. He took the show on the road and toured that same autumn. It sold out in every city. In between touring, he did TV shows. Among these were MGP Jr (Eurovision Song Contest Jr), broadcasted live from Oslo Spectrum. He also performed in TV2´s ”Mission Norway”, together with comedian and TV host Truls Svendsen. The second edition of the magical Christmas Calendar was lauched before Christmas, twice as big as the year before. All 400 stores were sold out!

Honouring Alexx
In October 2015, Alexx was awarded the prestigious The Cultural Award from the foundation The Maria Chapel in Tønsberg, given to him by the city mayor. Alexx was overwhelmed.
Little did he know what was waiting ahead.

The tour continued in 2016, visiting more cities in Norway. And in November Alexx Alexxander was, as the first Norwegian ever, awarded and honored with the Oscar of magic, The Merlin Award. He was invited to Vienna in Austria to meet the president of the world´s biggest magic society. He was out travelling and wanted to meet Alexx face to face to give him the great news. The ceremony was held in Oslo Concert House in Alexx´show, when the
president came to Oslo with the sole purpose of giving Alexx the award. Present in a sold out concert house, was the mayors of Oslo and Tønsberg. The Merlin Award places Alexx on the list together with the greatest illusionists in the world. Other recipients are David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Criss Angel and Penn and Teller.

A Magical Scent
As the first illusionist ever, Alexx launched his own perfume in November 2016. Alexx always has his own twist on things, and this was no exception to the rule. The perfume is alcohol free, vegan and based on botanical products. Animal rights are important to him and he wanted to have a perfume that has not been tested on animals. That same autumn, the third edition of the magical Christmas calendar was ready for the market. It adopted the name of his great stage success, and was called ”Defying Gravity Edition”. The demand was so high that Alexx decided to make a product for stores to be sold all year and not only for Christmas. ”Alexx Alexxander Magical Suitcase” was born, with 30 magical tricks suitable for all ages. This is now available in chains of stores all over Norway!

A sold out Grieghallen, Bergen
2017 started out very well. Alexx was introduced to ”hotel King” Petter Stordalen, and coached him in doing one of Houdini´s most dangerous acts ”The water torture cell”. Stordalen did this on stage during the Winter Conference where over 3000 of his staff was present in Globen in Stockholm. The week after this, Alexx and his crew traveled to Bergen. Over 2 years had passed since he visited Bergen last, and expectations were high when he went on stage in front of a sold out Grieghallen. He repeated his last success in Bergen, receiving standing ovations and signing for 1,5 hours after the show!

The Illusions of Alexx Alexxander
Spring and summer of 2017 was spent to plan and prepare the new tour, aiming to be the biggest one in Alexx´career so far. And ”The Illusions of Alexx Alexxander” became the biggest magical tour in Scandinavia and The North ever. Practising, exercising and prouduction was done all summer, ever so many hours to make it the best. On September 29th, the audience in the honorable Drammen Theatre witnessed the premiere of the new show. The plan was to tour until spring of 2018, but due to high demand the tour continues for another full year, until spring 2019. During these two seasons, Alexx and his team has further developed and polished the show to the maximum. We are so proud to be presenting an evening with a world class magic show!

Alexx in Bombay
Alexx made a journey of his dreams right before Christmas in 2017. He was invited to perform on the biggest cultural festival in Asia, in the great city of Bombay! Over 200.000 vistors came, over four days. For the first time, the organizers wanted to offer magic to the audience. They contacted Alexx from Norway! The wonderful theatre had 2.000 seats, and was an amazing sight. Both Alexx and the organizers were very exited whether or not this would appeal to the visitors, on the other side of the world and so far from Norway. We were all so very happy when 3.500 people came to feel the magic! Alexx received standing ovations and the performance was a great success!